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Investing in a diverse portfolio of assets, creating a positive impact on real estate space for shoppers, retailers and communities.

Corbin Holdings is a full-service real estate firm based out of Miami, Florida vested in a broad range of real estate disciplines.  Our expertise is in investment, development, construction and asset management. Corbin Holdings currently has over 1,000,000 square feet of commercial assets under management that are located across the United States.

At Corbin Holdings, we understand retail leasing intimately from both the Tenant and Landlord sides.  We work effectively with a problem-solving approach to clear hurdles in the way of creating long-term value.  With a strong portfolio of properties, we are constantly finding ways of being a creative collaborator, responding to the changing retail landscape and serving communities better.  This happens by our dedication to continually reinvest in our assets to ensure fresh, innovative centers that make a pleasant shopping experience.

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